Vocational Services

We are accepting applications for summer internships.

ASTRO’s Professional Training (APT) is a program aimed at preparing members to be fit and qualified to enter into the workforce in their respective fields by training them to act and think professionally. The APT program prepares youth for success in college and/or a career by helping the individual to become keenly intelligent and responsive to the needs of  employers/professors and the industries/institutions they serve. By helping members understand the roles and responsibilities of the job they are being asked to do, whether in school or at work, they become well suited to the purpose of fulfilling those expectations.

Eight participants (ages 14-24) will be selected from all the applicants to participate in the work readiness training based on their letter of intent and interview. Those eight participants will only be able to earn the internship upon completion of the 25 hour work readiness training and their ability to demonstrate professionalism, follow directions, and display knowledge of the subject area. A $100 stipend will be paid out upon successful completion of the 25 hour work readiness training. Two interns will be chosen for internships in four subject areas: Automotive Repair, Construction, Culinary, and Youth Development. Internships will be 80 hours from January 1 – June 30. The pay rate is $15 per hour. To apply, send your letter of intent to info@go-astro.org. Questions? Want to set up an Interview? Call 401-808-5687. We look forward to hearing from you!

The letter of intent should describe why the applicant wants to earn this opportunity, which subject they are most interested in and why (automotive, construction, culinary, or youth development), skills and qualifications that set them apart from other youth, and how this opportunity will advance their career and academics. Click here for more tips on writing a letter of intent.