For ages 11+. Students in this program compete in teams of two in a variety of different video games. Students chose which games they will compete in and compete over the 10 week period for a spot on the podium. This program was developed in response to the popularity of video game with the intention to teach teamwork, good sportsmanship, and communication skills. Penalties are given if students trash talk and rewards are given for student who positively reinforce their peers. Each class 4 teams compete in their game of choice while the other students cheer them on, or play Mario Cart. Five times throughout the class period, there is a physical challenge that students must complete. Examples are push ups, sit ups, or burpees. This helps students learn to incorporate healthy habits into their game play. ASTRO provides TVs, video game consoles, controllers, and games for up to 12 students.



Our program is funded by charitable contributions from wonderful people like you!