Astro Academy

Out of School Time Care

Improving the way children live, learn, work, and play


Everyday starts at home. Our team is committed to ensure each child is supported by a healthy home life through family engagement.


Every student is required to report on 5 careers of interests and is encouraged to seek internships with local businesses.


Through top notch case management, ASTRO works with teachers and school departments to assist each student in educational success.


School departments have little to no funding for out-of-school-time programming and child care is expensive. Our programs are free to families and accessible to children.

ASTRO Academy, a holistic healthcare model an innovative design for addressing health issues affected by the social determinants of health by educating children on how to define and achieve personal health goals. Improving quality of life is done by addressing functional needs. ASTRO Academy is a program that helps people live healthy, productive lives by creating a healthy lifestyle.


Through individual case management, team ASTRO helps each student identify what social, behavioral, physical, and financial health mean TO THE INDIVIDUAL. During the admission process, participants set their own personal health goals that are reviewed and revised every three months. ASTRO staff is properly trained to assist each student to find their own path to achieving their goals. Take the first step towards a better lifestyle. Follow the link below.