ASTRO Academy

An education based approach to healthcare.

Define what it means to be healthy where you live, learn, work, and play.


ASTRO is focused on educating our members on laws, history, economics, and politics that affect our health. We also promote community engagement through special events and partnerships with community organizations.


It is important that people feel good about the work they do and the people they work for and with. ASTRO offers vocational services to our members including professional development courses, job development, and job coaching.


ASTRO is committed to ensure every member is a lifelong learner. Our ASTROcurricular educational courses focus on social, behavioral, physical, and financial health. In order to be healthy, people must understand what it means to be healthy.


Idle hands are the devils workshop. Funds are continuously cuts for extracurricular activities in schools and adults often cannot afford expensive sports leagues, gyms, or art classes. Having hobbies helps keep the mind and body healthy.

ASTRO Academy, a holistic healthcare model an innovative design for addressing health issues affected by the social determinants of health by educating people on how to define and achieve personal health goals. Improving quality of life is done by addressing functional needs. ASTRO Academy is a program that helps people live healthy, productive lives by creating a healthy lifestyle.


Through individual case management, team ASTRO helps you identify what social, behavioral, physical, and financial health mean TO YOU. During the admission process, participants set their own personal health goals that are reviewed and revised every three months. ASTRO staff is properly trained to assist each individual to find their own path to achieving their goals. Take the first step towards a better lifestyle. Follow the link below.



Our program is funded by charitable contributions from wonderful people like you!