ASTRO’s mission is to continuously innovate - and to nationally standardize - its multicultural holistic wellness and skills development models that give members an unprecedented ability to champion their own goals, interests, and well-being within any socioeconomic status.


ASTRO will provide our members with fully equitable access to best-practices in academic/vocational mentoring and fun, athletic, creativity-focused, and STEM activities beyond their formal education.


Data-driven analysis guides continuous refinement of operations through strategic planning to meet the demands of our community members.

ASTRO just surpassed its 10th anniversary on April 14th, 2024! To celebrate, we will be holding a virtual fundraiser from now until June 30th, 2024!

We aim to raise $10,000 by the end of June to support two vital areas of growth, starting with enhancing staff professional development through training. Additionally, we are planning to initiate data collection and management efforts to accurately assess our community impact and continue delivering essential services where they’re most needed.

Meeting our goal of $10,000 will empower us to persist in innovating and providing the best programming we can offer in the Pawtucket and Providence county region, catering to communities in need of our services.

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Our program is funded by charitable contributions from wonderful people like you!