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ASTRO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. We are a licensed charitable organization in the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
Licence #CO.9900540 | EIN #46-5341077

ASTRO Mentorships are offered in two ways: Recreational Mentoring and Vocational Mentoring.

Recreational Mentoring is for people who just want to have fun! Matches are made based on likes and interests. A recreational mentor is tasked with being a role model for their match, and encouraging them to be active and try new things. There is a focus on community engagement and safety in every activity the pair is involved in.

Vocational Mentoring is for people with little or no work experience who want to learn job skills. A vocational mentor is tasked with helping their match to identify jobs that interest them and help them to prepare to fulfill the job requirements for that position. Ultimately, competitive integrated employment is the desired outcome.

At ASTRO a recreational mentor s someone that brings out the best in you. We carefully interview and screen our mentors and mentees to ensure that a proper match is made. Most of our mentors are people who have volunteered or worked with us in the past and made a connection to someone they met. Check out our summer schedule and join us at an event to take your first step towards becoming a part of ASTRO Mentorships:

Mentor pairs spend time together doing the things they love including hiking, fishing, bowling, rock climbing, and paddle boarding. We offer both paid and volunteer positions.

Email to request a mentor/mentee application!

Since 2014, ASTRO has partnered with psychologists, social workers, counselors, physical/occupational therapists, and holistic health coaches to offer recreational group/individual therapy sessions. Meet our in house counselor:

Robert A. Rattenni LMHC

INTAKE LINE: 401-255-2911

Recreational therapy can happen in a variety of settings either in groups or one on one. ASTRO takes a holistic approach to our services by helping people find a path to what truly makes them happy.


Leading by Example



The main role of a Vocational Mentor at ASTRO is to help individuals create a pathway towards meaningful employment. The majority of the clientele we serve have little work experience or training. Mentorships are designed to help people who are in need of career development education and training. A mentor acts as a life coach, and is encouraged to assist in both professional and recreational development, which helps to encourage a well rounded lifestyle.

Mentorships are carried out perpetually throughout the year and take place at ASTRO approved job sites and in the client’s respective communities. Mentor positions are held by community members who want to make a difference in someones life. For many of our mentees, a job is a step towards freedom and independence. Registration is now open for Mentor/Mentee positions. We have a variety of job openings including running sports camps, retail stock processing, warehouse labor, painting and porter services.

By providing vocational information and resources on our website, we are increasing access to information for people searching for jobs. Through rigorous recruitment and training guidelines, we assure that our mentors adhere to best practices when instructing or training the individual for the purpose of achieving job tenure. Mentors encourage personal development by promoting: improvement in diet, increased exercise, and self expression. The positive and negative effects of such behavior modification is monitored and recorded in hopes to link these activities with improved mental and physical health and successful careers.

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